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Lavender and Lemon Potpourri Oil will awaken you senses as you take in the smell of newly harvested lavender and just-sliced lemons. It is the perfect compliment to a warm summer day and will leave guest to you home feeling refreshed and amazed. Lavender and lemon combines lavender, lemon, and sweet grasses to give you summer in a bottle!

Lavender and Lemon Refresher Oil

SKU: 5324a73a486241.23007551
  • Penn and Company Potpourri Refresher Oil is packaged in a generous 2 oz. glass spray bottle and tied with a coordinating ribbon. This product is used to refresh your potpourri and may be added to your wax tart warmer to increase fragrance. It is a must have that allows to control the level of perfume in your home. Potpourri refresher oils contain very strong essential and fragrance oils that may harm fine wood surfaces so we do not recommend their use as room spray. To refresh potpourri, simply give a gentle spray or for a more developed scent, place potpourri in a glass or metal airtight contain, spray with refresher oil and allow to stand for a week or so.
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